Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I was recently asked by my good friend Kevin Lively who teaches recording classes at The Academy of Contemporary Music at UCO to be a guest artist for one of his recording classes and record a song with his students. Over a three week period we get 2 hours a week to give the students an experience of a real recording session. They do everything from setting up equipment, running cables, setting up mics, as well as running the board and learning how to run Pro Tools. I only wish I had access to a studio like this when I was getting my degree in Music Business. We are recording a new tune called "I Wish You'd Call", and have already finished 2 of the 3 classes getting drums, acoustic, electric, and leads already recorded. It has been tons of fun and I'm very impressed with how professional and serious the students have taken everything throughout the sessions. What a great thing to have right here in Oklahoma for students who have a passion for music! The music business is a crazy tough business to be a part of, and I have certainly learned a ton from my experiences working in this world. The hands on experiences these students get at ACM@UCO are amazing and equipping them for the real world of the music business. Very cool stuff!

Here are some pics from our first two classes:

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