Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hey Fans!

I have been soooo busy, I have neglected to post a blog. Man! Ok, so a lot has been going on......I just started watching Dexter on Netflix and I'm hooked! What a great show! Also, I've been working really hard to get my first solo CD out!! It sounds really good and we are currently trying to nail down a release date, but no worries, you won't have to wait too much longer to get your hands on the CD! I promise!

The Brandon Jackson Music team has welcomed new members to the staff! Some of you already know our Publicist/Director of Social Media, Abby Gibson, she has been donating her time helping me out with getting the word of Brandon Jackson Music to the masses for over a year now. She is a true fan and I'm happy to officially announce she is now on staff with us! We would also like to welcome Shelley Burt on board as my new Booking Agent. Shelley has been a long time friend and we are extremely excited that she has chosen to use her amazing booking skills (she also has bow hunting, nun-chuck, and poker skills) to get us out there in front of all you fans! Watch the calendar and we can't wait to see you out at a show soon!

You may have also seen the new Brandon Jackson merchandise either online or at a show! That's right, we finally have t-shirts, and I wanna thank our Director of Sales & Merchandising, Beki Jackson, for her work and design of the new shirts. You can pick up one either at a show or email your order to and we will ship one out to you no matter where you live! Check them out at Also a big thank you to Jeremy Borum at 17B in Stillwater for helping with the design and printing of the shirts. You need to check out his Pure Garage line, great stuff!

The Brandon Jackson Music Team just keeps getting bigger! You may be asking yourself, "I wanna be a part of the team, how can I help?" Well I have the answer! Join our Street Team! It's easy, just email your contact info (name, email, city you live in, phone #) to and we will get you involved! We would love to have you on board!

If you have been listening to the radio lately in Ft. Worth or Stillwater, you may have noticed a new song in the mix! That's right, we released the new single, "Just a Good Friend" to radio March 22nd! Stations around Oklahoma & Texas are adding the song to their rotation as we speak, so feel free to call your local station and request the song! We debuted the song on TMI with Charla Corn on 95.9 the Ranch and have received a great response! We then debuted it locally on 105.5 Cowboy Country with Jae Mcrae the next morning, and then chatted it up with Will & Barry (The Morning Circus) at K95.5 in Hugo, OK last Friday. Also, THIS friday @ 3:30pm, I will join Amber Taylor on 100.1 KYKC in Ada, OK to talk about the new album and play the single! So keep listening and requesting the song!

On another fun note, Wade Bowen's Bowen Classic is coming this May 15 & 16 to Waco,TX, and you can have a say in who you want to play an acoustic set! They are asking fans to give a list of 3 artists (that are not already listed as playing) that they want to see acoustic at the Bowen Classic, and there's 3 ways to vote. You can tweet your vote to @galleywinter, go to the event page on facebook, or go to the Galleywinter page and leave your votes in the comments. Voting ends Friday at 5pm, so i would really appreciate it if you'd go vote for me and have all your friends do the same! If I'm chosen in the top 3 I will play on Sunday May 15! Let's do this!

So much happening! It's great!

On Sunday, April 17, I will be playing on the Texas Red Dirt Roads show with Justin Frazell! It's a live broadcast on location at Railhead BBQ in Willow Park just outside Ft. Worth on 95.9 The Ranch from 4-7. I'll be playing acoustic with a couple other artists to be named soon, so I hope you can tune in. You can listen online @ too!

We are providing another way to keep up with all the things going on here at Brandon Jackson Music. Log on to and sign up to receive personal texts, and updates from me right on your phone! It's easy and I think you will really enjoy it! (Regular texting rates apply).

One more thing, my dog, JoJo, had to have minor surgery on her ear this last week and has had to wear this very awkward cone on her head! Very funny and sad at the same time, but the good news is she will get to take it off in just a couple days. Thought I would share that with ya! Feel free to laugh or feel sorry for her. We've done both.

Ok, gotta run! See ya soon! And as always, spread the word!

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