Saturday, January 15, 2011

What a week. Wow.

I'm writing this blog while I watch Oklahoma State basketball against Colorado. Gotta have a better game than they did against A& M on Wednesday! That one hurt.

Anyway, last Saturday I got a chance to play at a new club in Tecumseh called The Squander Bar, formerly JT's Cowtown. Bryon White and the Damn Quails opened up and really sounded great. Bryon had some heavy hitters sitting in with him too. John Fullbright was playing bass and Alan Orebaugh from Mama Sweet was sitting in on guitar. It was a lot of fun catching up with those guys and meeting Bryon and the rest of the band. I have another show there on Feb. 25. It will be the first full band show, so I hope to see a lot of you out there!! The only negative about the show is that someone decided to steal the tag off of my van! Not really sure why they would do this! Well, all I can say to that person is, I hope you enjoy it. If you get caught with it though, you won't be happy because I did let the police know about it.

That wasn't the only negative thing that happened this week, but sometimes you have those moments that challenge you and really let you appreciate those good times. I really don't let those things get to me at all. I know who I am and what I can do and I'm extremely excited about what is to come. I'm putting my band together and look forward to getting in front of fans full band! Not to mention the fact that I'm getting closer to having the CD done and out to the public! Busy times here at Brandon Jackson Music!

For you fans in Texas, I will be playing two acoustic song swap shows next month with my good friend Bobby Duncan at Woody's in Ft. Worth and The Mule Barn in Justin, TX. Checkout the calendar, spread the word, and get your butt to the show! You will not want to miss it! Another fun development for Texas fans, I'm working with my buddy Brison Bursey on a few acoustic song swaps with him as well. I'll keep you updated on when those get finalized. Also, a big congrats to Brison as he just recently got engaged! I'm very happy for him and his new fiance, Shannon.

Thanks again for all the support and don't forget to call 95.9 The Ranch in Ft. Worth and 105.5 Cowboy Country in Stillwater and request the acoustic version of "Now that I Found You"! I keep getting congratulatory messages from fans who have heard the song on the radio, and I wanna say a big thank you for that!

Until next time!

p.s. I watched Randy Rogers and the guys on The Tonight show last night. Couldn't be more excited for them as they have made multiple appearances on the late night shows. I love that not only great musicians, but great people continue to have success and realize their dreams.

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